<h1>OneCoin: We’re Totally Not A Scam</h1>


OneCoin, whose leaders have been indicted on wire and securities fraud as well as money laundering, took umbrage with a recent report by the Central Bank of Samoa calling the crypto project a “hybrid ponzi-pyramid scheme.”

<h1>Tether Not Fully Backed</h1>


In an affidavit containing the subheading “Tether Holders Are Not at Risk,” Stuart Hoegner, a lawyer representing Tether, admits that the company only has the fiat reserves to back about 74 percent of its coins. However, Zoe Phillips, another attorney representing Tether, claims the platform does not need to back every token it issues.

<h1>Nike Files CryptoKicks Trademark</h1>


With a recent application to trademark the term “CryptoKicks,” Nike looks to be jumping into the deep end of the cryptopool. According to the trademark application, the term is going to be much more than a mere slogan but, rather, the name of Nike’s in-house digital currency.

<h1>The Future Of Bitcoin</h1>


New York Times writer Nathaniel Popper discusses how bitcoin is currently being used, who is using it, and how the technology will eventually fit into the lives of everyday people.

<h1>Can You Find The Keys To Unlock Satoshi’s Treasure?</h1>


Eric Meltzer, co-founder of investment firm Primitive Ventures, talks about the new reality game Satoshi’s Treasure. The developers of the game have hidden 1,000 fragments of a private key to a wallet containing $1 million worth of bitcoin. Players will work together or individually to solve logic and math puzzles to obtain the key fragments and unlock the treasure.