<h1>Donald Trump’s Outdated Take On Bitcoin</h1>


Coming in the form of a Twitter tirade, President Donald Trump said he was “not a fan” of bitcoin because of its volatility and use in drug trafficking. Similarly, Trump also took aim at Facebook’s Libra project, stating the cryptocurrency would have “little standing or dependability.”

<h1>Solve This Math Problem, Steal All The Bitcoin</h1>


The P versus NP problem is one of seven Millennium Prize Problems, meaning the Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts, will award $1 million to whoever manages to prove or disprove the statement. However, according to theoretical computer scientist Scott Aaronson, the person who solves the problem should ignore the million-dollar prize and just steal a bunch of bitcoin.

<h1>Telegram’s Planned July Gram ICO Adds Another Strange Fold</h1>


When the Gram ICO was announced at the beginning of June, the cryptosphere was wary about the Gram tokens being sold by a third party on the crypto exchange Liquid. Now investors will find the Gram price will be set at $4, though a 50 cent discount will be given to those who pay using Liquid’s QASH cryptocurrency.