<h1>SEC Settles With Crypto Exchange Bitqyck And Its Founders</h1>


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has settled with crypto exchange Bitqyck and its founders Bruce Bise and Sam Mendez over what the SEC believed was an unregistered token sale that raised $13 million. Bitqyck will pay a civil penalty of $8.5 million on top of disgorgement and prejudgment interest. For the two founders, Bise will pay $890,254 and Mendez will pay $850,022.

<h1>Craig Wright Ordered To Forfeit Half His BTC Fortune</h1>


Federal court has entered case-ending sanctions against Craig Wright in the long-running court battle between Wright and the estate of his deceased developer partner, Dave Kleiman. Judge Bruce E. Reinhart has ordered Wright to give up half of his $10 billion bitcoin fortune and half of the intellectual property the two developed together to the Kleiman estate.

<h1>Switzerland Meeting Does Little To Quell Libra Doubts</h1>


Last week, six members from the US House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee met with Swiss regulators, including the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner and the Financial Market Supervisory Authority, to discuss Facebook’s Libra project. According to Representative Maxine Waters, the meetings did very little to convince US lawmakers that the Libra Association could control the Libra network responsibly.

<h1>Crown Sterling Sues Black Hat USA Conference For Being Heckled</h1>


Crypto startup Crown Sterling has filed a lawsuit against security conference Black Hat USA for reportedly being booed and heckled while the startup gave a presentation. To be fair to the hecklers, Crown Sterling’s presentation was on the discovery of “quasi-prime numbers” and featured the startup’s announcement of its “legitimate multi-dimensional encryption technology.”

<h1>FINMA Releases KYC, AML Guidelines For Blockchain Payments</h1>


Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority has released updated know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering guidelines, requiring blockchain service providers to conduct KYC checks and notify the Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland should they identify suspicious activity on their platforms.

<h1>Tether Responds To NYAG Jurisdiction Ruling</h1>


Stablecoin issuer Tether has responded to the New York Supreme Court’s ruling regarding the New York attorney general’s investigation into Bitfinex and Tether’s alleged cover-up of an $850 million loss. iFinex, Bitfinex and Tether’s parent company, will appeal the court’s ruling.

<h1>Reginald Middleton Responds To SEC Freeze Of Veritaseum Assets</h1>


Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued an emergency lawsuit against Reginald Middleton and his two companies, Veritaseum LLC and Veritaseum Inc., alleging Middleton had held a fraudulent ICO. Middleton has since responded to the lawsuit, claiming that the Veritaseum assets have always remained in control of the two companies.