<h1>Amended Complaint Adds Kevin Hart To Flik ICO Lawsuit</h1>


Twenty-five investors filed a lawsuit over an alleged pump-and-dump scheme perpetrated by music producer Ryan Felton and rapper T.I., co-owners of the blockchain-based funding and distribution network Flik. Now those 25 investors have added Kevin Hart’s name to their lawsuit, stating the comedian contributed to the supposed fraud.

<h1>CFTC May Approve Ethereum Futures</h1>


The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission says it is willing to approve ether futures contracts as long as proposals meet all of the regulator’s requirements. If approved, Ethereum futures could give investors access to a new derivatives product, ease retailer concerns over accepting crypto, and solidify the CFTC’s authority in the crypto industry.

<h1>Letter Sheds Light On Discord Within MakerDAO</h1>


A letter issued by an attorney representing five MakerDAO Ecosystem Growth Foundation (MEGF) board members details squabbles within the foundation. According to the letter, the MEGF’s CEO has demanded the resignation or replacement of five board members based on allegations that they conspired and “breached their fiduciary duties as directors.”

<h1>New French Law Almost Guarantees Blockchain Startups Banking Services</h1>


Domitille Dessertine – head of the FinTech, innovation, and competitiveness division for France’s financial markets watchdog, Autorité des Marchés Financiers – explains France’s new blockchain banking law. Under the new law, cryptocurrency and blockchain startups are guaranteed financial services if they agree to be regulated. Banks that refuse financial services to these types of companies must justify their reasoning to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

<h1>Judge Dismisses Winklevoss Lawsuit Against Charlie Shrem</h1>


Judge Jed Rakoff of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed the Winklevoss case against Charlie Shrem in which the twins allege Shrem stole $26 million worth of cryptocurrency. The judge said a settlement was reached, though the details of the settlement are confidential. Either party can reopen the case by May 5 if not completely satisfied.