<h1>Brave To Develop Its Own Wallet</h1>


Privacy-focused web browser Brave has announced plans to develop its own crypto wallet, which will run on MetaMask’s open-source codebase. The wallet will support Ethereum tokens, including Brave’s own native BAT, and cryptocollectibles like CryptoKitties.

<h1>Binance’s KYC Hack Victims To Receive VIP Memberships</h1>


Though Binance has maintained that the know-your-customer hack earlier this month was not entirely made up of Binance users, those whose photos were successfully linked to the exchange will receive free, lifetime VIP membership accounts. The VIP accounts will give them access to all of the exchange’s services, support features, and preferential trading fees.

<h1>Bithumb To Drop Failing Coins</h1>


South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb will begin reviewing its crypto listings monthly, intending to drop failing coins. The exchange’s newly formed Eligibility Deliberation Committee will determine which coins will be dropped based on criteria including low trading volume, low market capitalization, and lack of support from developers.

<h1>Liquidators Have Good News And Bad News For Former Cryptopia Users</h1>


Grant Thornton, the assigned liquidator for the defunct New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia, was able to retrieve US user data from an Arizona firm that was storing customer information for the exchange, which is great for those looking to get their holdings back. The problem is, it looks like Cryptopia pooled all customer holdings together in one wallet, making it impossible to determine individual ownership using the keys in users’ wallets.

<h1>Binance Announces ‘Venus’ Initiative</h1>


Binance is looking to create partnerships with governments, enterprises, and cryptocurrency and blockchain firms to participate in the exchange’s Venus initiative, which will see the exchange help with the development of new stablecoins on its own blockchain, Binance Chain.

<h1>Samsung Adds Bitcoin Support To Its Blockchain KeyStore</h1>


Samsung’s private key wallet, the Blockchain KeyStore, initially launched with support for Ether and other ERC-20 tokens. Now, the wallet will support bitcoin, though such support will be limited to Samsung‘s S10 and Note10 devices and be only available in Canada, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the US, and the UK.

<h1>Coinbase And Barclays Part Ways</h1>


London-based bank Barclays will no longer work with crypto exchange Coinbase. While the exchange has already found a replacement in ClearBank, the breakup with Barclays means UK Coinbase users will no longer have access to the Faster Payments Service for the time being, also meaning that deposits and withdrawals will take much longer on the platform.