<h1>Bitpoint Suffers $32 Million Hack</h1>


Japanese crypto exchange Bitpoint announced it has been hit by a major hack, with malicious actors stealing $32 million worth of five different cryptocurrencies. A majority of the stolen funds were taken from the platform’s users, with just over a quarter of the amount stolen from the exchange itself.

<h1>Gemini Eyes Libra Association Membership</h1>


The Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss-founded crypto exchange Gemini may consider joining the Libra Association as the Winklevoss twins look to get their identical feet in the door on Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google-related crypto projects.

<h1>Gemini Is After A Broker-Dealer License</h1>


Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini plans to apply for a broker-dealer license with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in an attempt to become an approved alternative trading service, which would allow users to legally swap digital securities on the exchange’s platform.

<h1>Huobi To Develop Own Public Blockchain</h1>


Following in the footsteps of crypto exchanges like Binance, Huobi is working to launch its own blockchain, dubbed FinanceChain, aimed at helping financial firms manage their own lending services, stablecoins, security token offerings, and specific payments services.

<h1>Calibra Begins BitLicense Application Process</h1>


Calibra, the Facebook subsidiary that will develop the Libra wallet, has registered as a money services business with the US Financial Crimes and Enforcement Network, applied for US money transfer licenses, and has now begun the process to receive the coveted BitLicense from the New York State Department of Financial Services.