<h1>FATF To Lead 15-Nation Crypto Monitoring System</h1>


The Financial Action Task Force, an international money laundering watchdog, will lead a project with 15 other nations that will work to catch the movement of crypto funds used for illicit purposes. The project will be made up of many of the members of G7, including Australia and Singapore.

<h1>Now That The Mafia Functions Like A Blockchain, Can Anyone Really ‘Forget About It’?</h1>


For years, the Ndrangheta mafia family in Canada was governed by what essentially was a board of directors. But after the murder of mafia boss Carmelo Muià in southern Italy upended the power structure, the Ndrangheta family adapted to what international investigators are calling a “criminal blockchain,” where a parallel structure across international families helps to negate loss of leadership due to death or police arrest.

<h1>Facebook’s Communication Breakdown With Swiss Data Privacy Regulator</h1>


After announcing that the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) would assist in overseeing the Libra Association, the FDPIC stated Facebook hadn’t contacted the agency regarding any details related to the association or the Libra project. Now, after reaching out itself, the regulator still hasn’t been able to make contact with the social media giant.

<h1>Where In The World Is Justin Sun?</h1>


Tron founder Justin Sun canceled his planned charity lunch with Warren Buffett, citing kidney stones. Later, Chinese authorities announced Sun would not be able to leave China after being accused of participating in an illegal fundraiser for the Tron cryptocurrency project. Now, a live broadcast on Periscope has some believing Sun is already in San Francisco, where the charity lunch was supposed to take place.

<h1>Facebook Yet To Contact Swiss Data Protection Group</h1>


During the Libra Senate hearing on Tuesday, Libra project lead David Marcus explained that the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) would oversee data and privacy protections for the Libra Association. Now, the group’s head of communication has stated that Facebook has yet to contact the FDPIC regarding any Libra business.