<h1>What Went On At The Odyssey Hackathon?</h1>


The Odyssey Hackathon, purportedly the “world’s biggest blockchain & AI hackathon,” took place in the Dutch city of Groningen last week. The hackathon included 1,500 participants from 29 different countries. Projects focused on using blockchain technology to help solve societal challenges, such as finding alternatives to fossil fuel, inclusive banking, and international travel.

<h1>Payment Processor Lets You Spend BTC On Amazon</h1>


Ken Kruger, CEO of cryptocurrency-processing startup Moon, announced the launch of a browser extension to connect to any Lightning-enabled digital wallet and convert bitcoin to fiat on the backend. With this extension, Amazon and other e-commerce sites would not have to directly deal with crypto.

<h1>Blockchain Voting Pros And Cons</h1>


Donald Kersey, elections director for West Virginia’s secretary of state office, dissects the backlash after last year’s blockchain voting trial and details the state’s plans to let citizens serving abroad to vote via a blockchain-powered smartphone app in 2020.

<h1>IMF, World Bank Launch Internal Learning Token</h1>


The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have developed a digital token called the Learning Coin to encourage their employees to learn about blockchain technology. Along with the new crypto token, the two companies have also developed an app where employees can go to share blockchain-related content. The coin will have no real-world value, although employees may be able to trade the digital coins for prizes.