<h1>Facebook Developing Crypto Payment Platform</h1>


Facebook is reportedly looking to create a payment system that uses a stablecoin of its own design. The system will allow users to purchase goods on Facebook and other websites. The social media giant is also developing a checkout platform to be used across the web.

<h1>Forbes Blockchain 50</h1>


Although most companies are still skeptical about adopting cryptocurrency, many are experimenting with blockchain tech. Forbes compiled a list of 50 companies worth at least $1 billion that are using blockchain platforms, from Ethereum to Hyperledger.

<h1>Facebook’s Facepalm Of A Week</h1>


Between an outage, the departures of top execs, and legal rumbings, you may have forgotten Facebook’s move to encryption. If the tech company indeed has a coin in the works, this week’s bad news will make it harder to sell.