<h1>Crypto Industry Insiders Want To Oust Malicious Actors</h1>


Some of crypto’s elite assembled in Chicago to discuss different ways of kicking out scammers and thieves from the cryptopool. Some of the solutions were to create a blacklist of known entities who go back on trades and engage in malicious activities or creating a standard way of verifying customer identities and sources of revenue.

<h1>Ethereum: The Last 10 Days</h1>


From being tweeted by Elon Musk to being added to Microsoft Azure and considered by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the last two weeks have been good to the Ethereum community.

<h1>Endgame For BREAKERMAG</h1>


BREAKERMAG was a star in the cryptojournalism space for about a year. Cryptojournalist Matthew de Silva and Ben Schiller, BREAKERMAG’s editor-in-chief, talk about some of the reasons for the magazine’s closure.

<h1>Ethereum Name Service To Be Upgraded</h1>


Brantly Milegan, developer coordinator for the Ethereum Name Service, discusses the platform’s upcoming upgrade. The update is intended to speed up the process of registering certain domain names by swapping the “blind auction process” with “instant [domain] registration” and treating registered domain names like non-fungible tokens.

<h1>Vitalik Suggests Raising Stake Rewards</h1>


Vitalik proposes that rewards for stakers be raised from 2.5 percent to almost 6 percent, as long as at least 10 million ETH has been staked. Vitalik thinks this increase will improve the health of the Ethereum platform, help boost its security, and reduce inflation rates.