<h1>Contradicting Reports Emphasize The Rise And Fall Cryptojacking</h1>


Following reports that the alleged Capital One hacker was using servers to mine crypto, cryptojacking is on the tip of the space’s tongue. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of confusion as to how prevalent cryptojacking is, with a recently released study from McAfee Labs and information from the cybersecurity firm Bad Packets suggesting malicious miners are both on the rise and experiencing a downward trend.

<h1>Augur 2.0 Is On Its Way</h1>


User numbers have been down for decentralized prediction market platform Augur since its initially promising launch in July 2018. The platform aims to release a new-and-improved version by late September.

<h1>Icon Foundation Prepares For Network Upgrade With $570K Giveaway</h1>


The Icon Foundation is preparing to turn its network into a delegated proof-of-stake system that will see ICX coin holders and a group of 100 representatives become a governing mechanism dubbed ICONSENSUS. As part of the soon-to-be upgrade, the Icon Foundation is giving away $570,000 of ICX coins to encourage new users to sign up for the pre-voting period where the 100 representatives will be elected.